How to curl your hair without curling iron

So I've been asked about my wavy hairs one, two, hundreds of times now !  From friends, to collegues, to the sales ladies at the mall, to strangers on the street !  people even stopped me while crossing on the cross walk to ask "what type of curling iron do you use ?" or the ever famous "Is your hair real ?".   I'm glad to report I finally have time to do a post on this !

I was born with dry, unruly, coarse hair.  It requires a meeting with the hair straightener or curling iron every morning to make it look presentable for the day.  After a while, I noticed the heat from the hair styling tools are killing my hair (no duh right ?).  My hair lost its shine, it was dry and brittle.  I realized I have to stop using the curling iron before it gets worse !  I started to switch to hair rollers, then those bendable wave rods. They worked, but was time consuming and uncomfortable.  I can't wear them out in public and can't sleep with them on.  I then decided to braid my hair before I go to sleep.  After a night of rest, the braids gave my hair some waves but it's not the soft wave like what a curling iron can do. 

I was about to give up on it all then I remembered that whenever I put my hair in a bun, when I undo it, my hair takes on some nice wave.  I decided to play around with the hair elastic then scrunchies.  And after a few trials and errors, I came up with a technique to help me curl my hair without the use of a curling iron or rod !!!  Whooo hooo !  I now have hair with soft curly waves without the damaging heat.  It's takes me 5-7 min. to do my hair before I go to sleep and when I wake up, I literally have beautiful waves after removing the scrunchies.  Not to mention crazy hair volume  !!!  I now pretty much just get up & go !  I've added at least 1 hr back into my sleep :)

As a mother of 2 rambunctious kids, this hair-bun-curl has saved me from looking more frumpy than I already am !  Yes, I'm a black-tight & over-size-shirt kind of mama !  Frumpy but super happy :-)

Any who, I've been doing this bun-wave thing way over 10 years now and have similar result everytime so hopefully you will get same or better hair result !!! 

How to curl your hair without curling iron ?  What you will need:

- fabric hair scrunchies
- medium-long hair :-)

It's important to have a FABRIC hair scruchies.  Avoid the shiny/satiny fabric.  You want a sturdy, coarse fabric hair scruchies because it grips your hair best.  You can pick one up from the $ dollar store or any department store.  If you can't find one, cut out a piece out of the leg of an old pair of stocking or an old sock (the stretchy part).  About 3 or 4 inches in height.  Mine is homemade (made with suede like fabric) because, well, my hair is really thick ! 

Disclaimer: The result will vary from person to person. Factors effect the result are hair type (thick, thin, coarse, soft), hair scrunchies, and hair length. 

****please bear in mind that this is simply a tip I'm sharing you !  I'm not a pro. so I can't do a time lapse video showing me putting hair in bun, sleep, and removing it !!!  And I've received all your suggestions for better quality photos and videos.  I'm not ignoring them, just don't have the time nor desire to do it.   I have a life too  :)  It's a pretty easy & straight forward tip.  If you still need help, yes please feel free to contact me !!  Thanks & good luck :-)

1.  Wash and completely dry your hair !  If your hair is the hard-to-take-shape type of hair, 
only dry your hair like 80%, leave it a little damp.
My hair is quite long.  Hair type is thick and coarse.

2.  Pull hair all up in a semi-tight HIGH pony tail with hair scrunchies.  Adjust to make sure the hair bun sits on the highest point of your head, but not too far back that you can't lie to sleep uncomfortably.  This is to prevent kink in the waves.

3.  Part the pony tail into 2 equal parts

4.  Hold onto the mid part of right half of the parted pony tail with 1 hand, while the other hand grab hold on the hair scrunchies at the base of it, and stretch out to expand it
Then take the hair your're holding, tuck it under the hair scrunchies & pull up and out.  You now have one roll of hair wrapped in the hair scrunchies.  Working your way towards the front of the head, repeat this again until you wrap all your hair in the hair scrunchies.

5.  Do the same to the other half, the left half, of the pony tail.  When done, the finished result should look like a round bun. 

After wrapping all my hair into the hair scrunchies, I would then to go sleep
:-D  The bun is high up so when I lay down on the pillow, it sits above my head ! my head isn't laying on the bun !  This allow me to sleep comfortably !!!  My hair needs at least 3 hours in the bun to take on a soft wavy look.  The longer I leave it the wavier it gets.

After a night of sleep:

6.  Start with one side, take out each hair loop from the scrunchies, starting from the front and work your way back.

7.  When both side of the "bun" is taken out, then remove the hair scrunchies
After removing the hair scrunchies, comb through hair with fingers

Back picture of my hair, it looks better in life ! This iphone pic. doesn't do it justice at all :(

Ta da !!!  Wish I have time to do my hair properly and put on some make up to give you a better "AFTER" picture :)  but with a newborn & a toddler, time is a commodity! this will suffice for now!

My hair will stay like this all day, maybe just a bit relaxed by night time.   I don't use any hair product as I don't like them.   If you tried this and didn't work, don't give up !!!  try using a different hair scrunchies or leave your hair a little damp or put on some mousse before wrapping it around the hair scrunchies.  If your hair doesn't hold shape well, you might want to spray on some hairspray after to make the wave lasts.  Once you find what works for you, it will be really easy. 

Good luck !!!

Update:  since many of you told me to do a video because step 4 is confusing !  here it is:

If you have any question or feedback, please email me !