breaking up is hard to do

If I was to personify it, Sean would be the name I'd pick.  Sean and I broke up last week.  It was due time for me to move on from our decade long relationship. 

It wasn't an over night decision.  It was something I've been giving a lot of thought on, for a while now.  Priorities in my life has changed.  Timing was right so I did what I did.  Still it was hard to move on because a bulk of my life was invested with Sean.  There were infamous summer camps (it always rained) and autumn church conferences.  There were sleepless nights stargazing by the lake, the amazing city race, the countless visits to Kelly O'Bryans, the many nights wandering on the beach, the basketball games in the pool at the Rec Ctr. followed by a meal at McD, the dangerous and painful game of U, tackle football, volleyball, capture the flag and many silly games we made up.  Who can forget disco & limbo dancing at A&V's trailer?  We've watched kids grow up and friends get married.  Without Sean, I don't know what will become of me.  I was cared for and accepted, it sure feels like an extension of my family.  And the best of it all, it was through Sean that I met my life partner C. 

Breaking up is never easy but sometimes necessary.  If people are growing in different directions, and after different goals, its best to let each other go.  Staying together can sometimes stunt ones personal growth.  I am glad God brought Sean and I together to achieve His plans and now has a new purpose, a new calling for each of us.  It's life, people come and people go, and life goes on.  I really like how a friend of mine put it, "For some, God calls them to venture out to break new ground. For some, God calls them to stick around to care and to cultivate for new growth.  Despite the pain of the break up, God can certainly restore, and more importantly, He will bring in new people to fill in fragments of the split".  I know the beginning stage will be hard for both of us to adjust.  But trust in that God is faithful and if we allow Him to lead us, we will blossom and our life will be fruitful.  God has a plan for each of us and His plan is always good.  I surely will reminisce all the good times and will tell my children of them.  It was a great chapter and I can't wait to see what's next.