Honeybee 3rd birthday party

My little miss just turned 3.  Although it sure feels like she's turning 10 because she seems wiser than her years.  She has an inquiring mind that won't accept just any answer given to her.  She would ask me a question and upon hearing my answer, she would questioned me over and over and over again until she either understood it or received one that is agreeable to her.  So needless to say, we spent a lot of time talking each every day :-)  too much talking me think !

Honeybee is very excited for her birthday.  Every morning she would ask me "Birthday?" and I would tell her, "X more sleeps".  She would ask again a few more times in the day, hoping for a different answer.  She also asked me to make her a big cake.  I told her I can make cupcakes but the big cake is made by someone else.  She would then comforted me by saying "it's ok mommy".  I love hearing her talk !  her voice melts my heart.

Here are some pictures of her birthday !  I attempted to do some birthday theme decorating for the first time and must admit I like the colors scheme we picked very much.  With a newborn, decorating isn't an easy task !!!  If I have more time and Lovebug is older, I think I could do a better job but for now, this will suffice ! 

 I wanted to make fabric bunting but didn't have the time so I cheated and made it out of decor paper.  Got 8 sheets from Michaels and cut them into 6 squares/sheet.  Punch holes on each corner and connected them with a ribbon.  I then printed out the letter inside a circle then cut and paste them on the decor paper.  Pictures of Kaila from age 2 to 3 were printed and hang with wooden cloth clips.  

I dug out all my glass jars and vases for the candy table !!!  It was a hit with both adults and kids (there were only 3 kids there :( I need more friends with kids :D

 Cake were made by Sweet As Cake and the small cupcake were made by me.  I made the frosting using recipe found here :  http://www.ourbestbites.com/2008/09/perfect-cupcake-frosting-and-filling/
It turned out perfect, nice and light and you can determine how sweet you want it.

 At first the giveaways were just lunch bags fastened with wooden clips but they look so "sad".  I didn't have time to go get nicer bags so I decided to cut up yellow printed paper and paste it on the front to give it some coloring.  Then I found some stuffing paper in our recycling bin and decided to cut little flowers out of them then hot glued them on the wooden clip.  It turned out not so bad looking I must say.  If I have a bit more time I would have made a huge flower with many layers and paste that on the front of the bag.  Oh well, there's always next year !