ask for wisdom

On each of our prayer list, I'm sure health and financial security topped the list and maybe, just maybe, wisdom is listed somewhere down below.  I don't why we rarely ask/pray God for it ? Having wisdom is like having your own gold mine !  And as we continuously ask God for wisdom, it's like having a bottomless gold mine !!!  Having wisdom to know what is permissible and what is not beneficial to us will greatly reduce unnecessary stress, worries and unhealthy wants/desires in our lives.  Wisdom to pursue or continue to wait in obedience for God's guidance.  Wisdom to know what to say and when to hold our tongue.

Having a family and a full time job, I sometime forget to pray because I'm simply too busy.  Then I noted that life will always be hectic and busy AND because it's moving at such a fast pace, I NEED to pause to pray before I go about my business.  I need His guidance every single day !  so that when I'm in bed I will have less regret on the things I said, the decision I made, the thoughts I allowed to enter my mind.  To not rely on ourself and go to Jesus to seek and ask for wisdom (earthly & godly), to me, is being wise. I pray that I will always remember to seek for His will and guidance.  

The bible has many examples of wisdom and folly that we can learn from.  And it seems to me, self reliance is most often not the best way to go !  I know I'm finite as human being, and it's ok because I have access to a God that is infinite.  Knowing that makes me feel at peace and secure.