The short shorts story

My best friend K and I both have kid at almost the same time. While many of our friends were enjoying their single life or newly wedded bliss, we were busy growing our family.  We switched our heels for flats and stylish clothes for comfortable pants and loose shirts, the kind that let your little bulgy tummy hanging out freely yet no one can see its existence :-)

In the first year of being "mom", whenever we stop by one of our favorite clothing store, we would share a laugh or two when we noticed the majority of the clientele were teens or early 20s.  But we don't know where to shop otherwise ?  We don't want to look like "mommy" yet !  Our body is not perfect but still decent looking, so we still want to look stylish, look good :)  we feel young, and we look young too (we think).

Now at 33, suddenly I found myself at a cross road.  Summer is coming and one item that can be found in both of our drawer is short shorts. I love it more than K. And probably prefer it shorter than hers too. Tank & short is my staple outfit for the summer. They allow me to expose the most of my skin to the sun to tan my pale skin, and short is more suitable for us moms, when we're chasing our babe around (no fear of exposing our bum). The way I see it, I don't dress overtly sexy, my clevage aren't exposed, bum cheeks are hidden, all the parts that needs to be covered are covered, so I don't see the problem with me showing as much arms and legs as I want.

Maybe age (and soon to be mom of two) has something to do with it, but it dawned on me the other day > Do I continue or take a detour on this short shorts loving journey ?  K and I had a good laugh the other night talking about this very topic and contemplating when we should retiring them.  I'm so so not ready for it yet.  I like the look and comfort they provide !  Being short and having not-so-perfect legs, short shorts give me a few inches of skin to make my legs look somewhat bareable to me.   So, at what age is it deemed inappropriate to wear short shorts ?  I can't seems to think of one.  I googled to see what other moms got to say about it and got the extreme on both sides of the pond !  The decission in the end lies with me, as it should be anyway !

With fashion, there's really no defined line of age-appropriate clothes me think.  I feel it's all about HOW you wear it and how you carry yourself.  I've seen people older than me wearing short shorts and they look great in them.  Understand though, that with shorts, it can go from it's-just-short to trashy unappropriate if you don't wear the right one, like when underwear disguise itself as short then it's too much, and that goes for any age group.  And of course your body type play a role in it too.  If the fabric is just big enough to barely cup your bum bum then I must say its too short.  Add another inch or two would make it easier on the eyes :-)  My test for appropriate casual summer attire is > after I put them on, I would bend down infront of a mirror, if boobs is out, it's a no, if bum is close to be shown, is a no.  Simple !

With time on hand to play, I decided to google some shorts images to show you what I mean.  These are what I think is just a tad too shorts (there were worse ones):

And these are some nice ones.  They're just a tiny bit longer than others, but see the different an inch or two make ? 

Bottom line is, when it comes to clothes, I think if you feel good and comfortable in them go for it !  Just make sure you dress appropriate for the occaision !  like, no shorts at wedding !!!  And people who likes to judge, will find ways to do it anyways.  I mean, my big long wavy hair was once pointed out by a lady at the mall that my hair is "stripper hair" !  Did I change it ?  No way !!!  If the topic of "omg look at her shorts" is all people got to talk about, then I'm glad I give them something to talk about. I mean, people must have a pretty boring life to slander about such trivial thing in the first place.

So in short, I can't wait until summer so I can break out in my short shorts !