Pregnancy: 35 going 36 weeks

While waiting for the arrival of my 2nd baby and being too large to go anywhere, I've been baking a lot !  I've made all sorts of waffles (traditional, blueberries, chinese egg style waffle (sweet), condense milk waffle), vietnamese style egg rolls, assorted cookies (organic & non), sweet potato cake, chard chips, kale chips, etc etc etc.  It was time consuming but fun !  Our family get special treats everyday or every other day.  I wish I can eat more but this baby of mine is taking up all the room in my tummy and leave little space for food.

This waiting period feels like eternity.  I'm 35 weeks and a few days now.  36 weeks will put me in the safe zone !!!  I really don't mind if the baby decided to come out then because I'm so ready !!!  I can feel her fighting her way out too.  It's getting tight in there for sure.  She moves morning and night, punching me in every corners.  She used to be like a fish, swimming, flipping from one side to another but not anymore.  There's no room for all that excitement and fun ! 

C and I couldn't agreed on a name for her yet.  It's been hard finding a name we like starting with the letter K !  and not only just a name, we want a meaningful name too.  It doesn't have to be a K really but I'm just one of those picky, obsessive compulsive person who like orderliness.  And with one girl name starting with a K, I thought another K would keep it "together" :-)  and well, there isn't any other name we like so having a preference for "K" kinda helps us to have a starting point.

Oddly though, we can't seem to have a girl name that we likes but we have a boy's name that we like !  It was picked while we were looking for names. We thought we would soon find a girl's name but it proves harded than we thought.  I'm sure once she's out something will come to mind.