Mr. Romantic

I'm a romantic so naturally I hope to marry someone who is romantic.  You know, the dreamy main character in all romance books and movies.  I would imagine scene of me and Mr. Romantic walking hand in hand in the pouring rain, then out of blue he would turn and look deep in to my eyes, smiling with crystal rain drops dripping off his glossy hair, rolling down his chin, and slowly he would pull me closer, lower his head down to kiss me passionately...

Unfortunately, I did not marry for romance :-(  I love and marry Collin despite the fact that he is clueless to all things I deemed romantic.  No seranating of songs, room filled flowers, long walk in the pouring rain.  One time I asked C to go for walk in the rain, he said to me "I don't know about you Trace, but when it's raining, I like to get out of it.  Try it and let me know how it goes".  I did and lasted about 30 seconds.  I realized I'm not crazy about getting soaked either.  Those people in the books/movies are crazy for standing and embracing so long in the wet cold rain.

On our first Valentine together as a couple, I was so looking forward to all the Valentine stuff like roses, stuffed animals, candies, etc.  At 14, what girl doesn't like those stuff ?  Instead C came over with a dozen of paper roses.  I thanks him for them and pretend not to look disappointed.  The flowers that took C 2 weeks to put together, gluing each petal carefully one by one to form into a rose, lasted only a few months.  My mom thought they were a craft project I did at school and recycled them. 

The next Valentine together C out did himself.  He came over with the biggest of big flowers bouquet.  It was beautiful.  Fire and ice roses.  When I asked how much he spent, he refused to tell me but after bugging him about it, he told me the price.  I told him to please never ever spend this much on flowers again.  He said nice flowers cost money.  I told him it's a waste of money !  He was like "I thought you said you love flowers ?".  I guess I don't.  I only like the idea of them :-)

The beauty about aging is that I discovered and learned a lot of things about myself.  I REALIZED I am not the romantic person I thought I am !  how shocking right ?  I am NOT a romantic at all.  I like the mushy fluffy romantic stuff in books and movies BUT I don't care for them in real life.  I'm very practical and a realist.  I hate the rain (it ruins my curls), I never even lit one candle in our house (I don't like the smell and the flickering light), I think flowers are a waste of money, I'm not crazy about surprises or surprise gift, don't like public display of affection, and don't like those gross nick name (angel, precious, sweetie, darling, < just typing them right now gives me goosebumps).  And I'm so glad C put up with me and all my romantic notions !

What I discovered over the years knowing C, is that he's is sweet and romantic in a different kind of way.  He makes me stuff.  He buys me little treats he knows I like.  He's the quiet caring kind of guy who does things without flaunting it.  Many of times, his thoughtful gestures go unnoticed by me :-(  And to be fair, he does spoil me with fancy gifts, in which I always return the very next day !  I like them but they are not worth the money.  I rather buy a pair or 2 of shoes and keep the rest of the money in our account.  (I've collected too many shoes over the years that C swears he will never buy me shoes).

Talk about sweet, about a year a go, I was telling my bestie Kim how I couldn't fit into a pair of tights so I jokingly ask C to wear it to stretch it out for me.  I left the room to talk to her in the office then I went back to our room, looking for something and to my surprise, I found C sitting on our bed, in his boxer, playing game on the ipad with my tights pulled up only to his thigh (he can't pull it up any higher).  He's trying to stretch it out to fit me !!!  It was so sweet and very manly of him to do so :-D  (if you know C, he's a man's man, so to see him wearing my tights it's simply awesome and funny).

For a while I've been wanting a little garden to plant my own veggies and fruits.  Then one early Saturday morning, Collin woke up to to tell me he's heading out for a bit.  I assumed it's his usual Sat. morning routine > a trip to the coffee shop and Home Depot (or Rona).  By noon I didn't hear from him so I called to check in.  He was like "I'm in the back yard".  "Doing what ?" I asked.  "Building a garden, come out and look" he replied.  I grudgingly put on a jacket and went to look.  I can't believe in that short period of time he built me a small garden with wooden fence around it and already planted the blueberry brushes.  Nice.

Lately, being pregnant with our second child, I often feel drained and sleepy.  I really appreciate that C has been taking Kaila out to give me some time and space for myself, to rest and read and watch movies :-)  it's exactly what I needed, not a walk in the rain or flowers or fancy gift !!!

That's Collin.  Not outright Mr. Romantic for people to see but a practical sweet guy that just go about his ways.  I can live without all those fluff stuff because thoughtfulness is what makes a relationship worth while and makes it last.  Luke, a friend of ours, once made a very good observation of us.  He said on the surface Tracy seems like the romantic type of person but it's Collin that is the one that's romantic.  And he's right.  I guess I did marry Mr. Romantic after all.