Realistic view

If you're going to brag, please have something for show.  It's my pet preeve to hear people brag and brag and got nothing to show.  Why are there so many people with unrealistic view of themselves ?  not even a grain of modesty.  And feel no shame blowing up their own image.  And what makes it worse, is no one breaks out the honest truth to them that, um, "YOU SUCKED !!!"

OK, so there were a few times I do feel like I'm "IT" but trust me, it never last very long because I, fortunately and unfortunately, have a pretty clear idea of who I am and I also have people who make sure I don't get carry away with it. 

I've seen countless of bad singers on American Idols who came out crying and their friends would comfort them and most always, say stuff like "they don't know talent" !  I want to yell to them "Dude, they (the judges) don't know talent that's why they're making millions of dollars !!!".  "Dude, I saw your friends, I would never buy an album from him.  He sucked so bad !!!"

So, why aren't more of us give our honest opinion ?  BECAUSE we're POLITE !  because we don't care, we're not responsible for you.  Why would we go out of our way to point out your short comings when you think you're amazing ?  Why should we pop your bubble and watch your fall flat ?   We don't have time to deal with you > so we will never say to your face:  your party is boring, I want to poke my eyes out !  or you aren't that successful, or your design needs to have a design, your cooking sucks, you have no fashion sense, why are you bragging about what you have, your parents paid for it !  did you work and save for it ?  no ?  then shut it !!!!

Maybe I'm going through a phrase, where I about just have enough of people bragging about what they have, about their kids, about the amazing rocks in their garden !!!  I refuse to listen and waste my brain cells and time, which I will never never get back.  If you're good, if your work is great, if your creation is beautiful, if you're talented, if you're successful at what you do, PEOPLE WILL NOTICE !  no need to toot your own horn, no need put yourself up on a pedestal.  Parents, *take note*, please don't brag about your kids.  Because no matter how great your kid is, MINE IS BETTER THAN YOURS X 10 !!!  Joking aside, when you brag (different from being proud of your kids' achievement), you're opening door for people to judge your kids.  It's good to think your kid is great, amazing, one in a million, etc.  Every kid is unique and great, so please let's not lift yours up and put others down. 

I know I repeat myself alot of the kids and parents but I have annoying people I know who brags about their kids ALL.THE.TIME when their kids (adults) have nothing to show, has nothing great going on, can barely hold a job.  And it urkes me sooooooooooo much.  I know it's done out of insecurity but still, to sit through it is brutal and I so so so wanted to burst their bubble with a loud *BANG*.  I feel bad for the kids but I can't help disliking them in the same time because of their parents bad behaviours.

I know honest words are hard to swallow.  Like when my friends tell me the outfit I'm wearing isn't flattering, my home decor is boring, my hair is too big, etc !  Though tough to accept at first, I appreciate them all in the same time.  Friends that can be honest to you are TREASURES, they are GOLD !  being too blunt is a different story, but honest words with affection are always always welcome.  And you got take them with a grain of salt !  Because beauty and design is very objective, so these are what they are, COMMENTS, one's personal observation !  however they're not saying it for you to go changing !!!  YOU have to make that choice for yourself !!!

So upon reexamining it, it's true the dress I'm wore last is making me look shorter than I already am, so that will be stored away until I can get to altering it !!  as for my home decor/my hair, well I love coming home to my house, I love my big huge hair, and wish it can be bigger !!!  that's why it's my house, my hair NOT yours.  And knowing my friends, they would say "so be it, I love you just the same".  If I go bragging about it then that would be a different story.  No one likes a bragger.

When typing up all these I was reminded of Luke 14, when Jesus was at some important Pharisee's house (a group of people who think they're experts in everything and better than others, my own translation), where He shares about having compassion for people despite their status, their wealth, their illness, what is deemed "right" by certain group of people.  Basically, it's about being humble and not to think we're better than others.  Verse 11 said "For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted."  It's true.  It happened.  And being the emotional person I am, no matter how much I dislike braggers, I often feel sorry for them when I either find out the truth about their situation or if someone knocked them down. 

I learned something while ranting about this topic !!!   God gives me wisdom to choose my battle and this is one I will choose carefully.  If I care enough and decided to honest to a certain someone I have to do it lovingly and not while I'm raging with annoyance and perhaps with jealousy just because I can't make my lips praise me as much as them.