I think we like to complicate things, making it into something more than what they really are.  For many of us, we can easily list out things we like to do, and who we like to do them with without having to give it much thoughts.   It's unfortunate that we take too long to go after them !  We tip toes around the idea, waste time playing games, over analyze, make way too many assumptions,  and something so simple is no longer so simple.  When feeling overwhelmed, I always have to remind myself to clear my head and get back to basic !!!  what do I want !  Us girls like to confuse ourselves and overthinking little things.  We all know what makes us smile, makes our heart flutters, makes us excited, what gets our adrenaline going, what wakes us up in the morning and what makes us happy.  Yet most of the times we let people dictate to us what we need to do to be happy or who will make us happy !  it's funny isn't it ?  they are not us but yet they act like experts in knowing exactly what we ought to do, what we're missing out, what we should try. 

Not all advices are bad !  you just need to filter through them, to determine if they are from a good friend, or from someone who is careless about your happiness.  Only words from a trustworthy friend should be taken to heart.  Sometime it's not easily to digest but you and I both know,  most of the times what they said are true and right.  At the end of the day, we know ourselves best and what is best for us.  Live honestly and we have little to regret !