Get out of here

Whether you're travelling near or far, to sit around or dive into the deep blue sea, there's much to learn and absorb when you're out of your house.  When we take ourselves out of our comfort zone we start to experience things we are not used to, and it's good !  we learn new things, embrace new cultures, expand our view, and become more aware of ourself.  We adapt, discover and at the end of it, life is a bit richer and we see things a little clearer. 

Travelling does that to me.  Whether it's a ferry ride away or across the ocean, each city has its own uniqueness, its own vibe and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  One of the thing I like to do most when I travel is to schedule in free time to sit at a coffee shop, park or at a central gathering place, and pay attention to the world I'm in.  Listening then filtering out noises, noticing my surrounding, things, people, the change in the air, the wind, the sun, the ground, the soil, watching life happening infront of my eyes.  I found it intriging.  The world is such a big place and there are so much to learn for all of us. 

Whenever I come back from a trip I feel like my eyes gotten a little bigger.  I see and appreciate little things I've been blinded to like clear water, wide open roads, blue smog free sky, green trees, green grass, spacious bus, the variety of sauces I have in my cupboard.  Of course we don't need to be travel to another land to appreciate what we have here.  I think even a walk out of our house can give us a new perspective on things.  Some of us can grow "locally" and for some, a trip out of our cozy shelter is needed to learn/discover things about ourselves, to develop and grow as a person.  Any change of view is good !