fear of height

I'm terrify of flying. Although I fear it, I did managed to force for myself to travel a few times, sitting calmly on my seat and did only the screaming and nervous breathing and panthing inside my head. Then life happened and things like getting a job (which limit the time you can travel), getting engaged, then married, then buying a house coming on the picture. Life takes a big left turn when we have kid and suddenly the possibility of travelling to far and away land are lost in the horizon ! Not like I would go at the beck and call of a great deal anyways, but I like to have the option to. I noticed though, my fear of height increases as I get older.  It doesn't help that hubby is too.  We don't like flying and the thoughts of travelling with a 2 year old who cannot sit still on her seat, needs many small breaks, snacks, cannot walk long distances, and whines/cries/yells out of the blues > these squashes out any rosy ideas I have of a good vacation.

Though we cannot fly, there are many near by places near by that we can travel to. We live in the lower mainland of Vancouver, in BC, so around us there are more than plenty of great travel destinations. Travelling is a time for me to relax and enjoy so I don't like to travel with anyone I can't put up with and vice versa, they need to be able to put up with me. I like to have an itinerary for the day with some empty time slots for "spontaneous" activities. Of course we can change it on the go, but both hubby and I like to have a plan to start with so time is not wasted.  We are foot travelers !  meaning, we like to explore the city on foot, discovering interesting nooks and crannies.  We don't like to be in the tourist areas so if we can avoid it, we would.  Hubby and I are like minded in many ways and enjoy conversing a lot so any type of travelling is such a treat for us !! We really enjoy this time together so when it comes to travelling we prefer just us 2 ! well, now there's 3 !

Travelling anywhere is expensive. I remember one weekend we decided to go to Victoria, on Vancouver island, it costed us over $2500 for 3 days and 2 nights there, on just food and accomodation and ferry cost !!! That's what happened when you plan on the fly. Hotel and food takes up a big chunk of $$$$ so we learned to always make sure we plan well in advance for hotel deals and research on good local eateries. Locals know best and they have proven that to us every time. Research on hotels location, read reviews from many sources, google earth to view the surrounding areas/neighborhoods are a few things I do now in preparation for a trip.

We have couple of plans for this year, one includes a drive down Oregon Coast (a place we love and go quite often), but with weddings, amongst other important events, to attend we might have to do to some picking and voting and last minute packing.  Sometime you know what you need to do but life doesn't always give us that option so we make do with we have :-D