Miss K 1 1/2

Kaila is now 1 and 1/2. She is wise beyond her years me think ! She can signs 1 1/2 (my mom's own sign language), and can say words like "yeah", "wow", "beep beep", "shhh", "ba ba", "nose", "cheese". If asked, she can point out her nose, mouth, mama, dada, Toby and ba (grandma). I often ask her to help me do the laundry. I would say "Kaila please bring your stuff for wash" and she would pick up her stuff and put in the laundry basket. It's so cute.

I feel like I can ask her anything and she would response. I think it's amazing how human develops. One day she can't barely said anything and the next morning, words would flow out of her. Well, baby language not "real" words. I wanted to teach her sign language but I think it's too late. She points out to me what she wants. If she wants to eat she'll lead me to the fridge and point at either milk or cheese or whatever fruits we have. When we're eating dinner, she would point at the food she wants to eat then look at me, open her mouth and point at it, as in "feed me". I don't see the need for sign language if she knows exactly what to tell me to do for her :-)

At the moment, Collin and I feel like we're her, for the lack of a better descriptive word, slave :) All day she would boss us around, making C going up and down the slide, then when she sits on him, she expects full attention and if he looks pass her at the tv, she would pull on his chin to turn his face to her and smile !  she also make him eat whatever she feeds him,

As for me, she always want to be held, to cuddle with. I'm OK with that. She would point to the bathtub every time we pass it and go "swosssh", like the sound of water. She loves to play with the water in the tub. When she's cranky I would put her in there with a small bucket of water and she'll entertain herself for at least an hour. Her new thing is drawing. She would draw and draw, flip over the pages and draw some more. Yesterday she was at it for 2 hours. It was awesome because it allows Collin and I time for ourselves - me washing dishes and him cleaning the kitchen :-)

At 1 and a half, Kaila is quite a girlie girl. She wants me to do her hair, put on dresses, and anything sparkly like shoes or bows. She would run to the mirror after I'm done and stare at herself !  She makes all kinds of faces and has the biggest smile on.

She likes her cartoons. In the morning we like to watch our news channel but the other day she gave us the remote control and point at it, as in "please change to the cartoon channel". I told her No, mommy want to watch this and she cried. She thew herself on the bed, head down and sob. Then feeling that I won't give in, she took the remote and try to change it herself. It didn't work but was worth a try, smart cookie !