My husband's other women

I knew I lost his attention the moment she came cruising by, in her slim body and glossy hair.  I can see her  reflection in his eyes as he follow her every moves.  It's not the first time it happened.  How many times I don't know exact but surely more than I can count on my fingers and toes.

I wonder if he knows I know about this > let's call it > "addiction" of his ?  Being with him for so long, I can read his body language, see through his words and thinking like the I know the sun spots on my cheek !  None ever go unnoticed.  Many of times I can finish his sentence, singing outloud the same tune he's singing in his head and we both will laugh in awe of it.  So when his focus moveover from me to another, trust me, I know.

Often I wonder which one of those beautiful creatures are his type ?  there's the red head, the mean tough looking ebony body, the sassy slim white, the quiet, the loud, the short, the tall, the conversative type, the fancy bling bling, some old, some seems he likes them all.  Whether they're passing by or standing still, they seem to be uneffected by his burning stare - yes stare, not glant, not peek, not a passing over, but a blunt stare !  I think they're used to be gawked at.  Only the person they're with seem to have that satisfying look on their face, the kind that say "I got what you want".

Every year we would go to a show so he can check out the latest models.  You wonder if I''m jealous ?  no not really.  I don't care much for them as they're not married to him, I am, so they got nothing on me.  I would tag along while he ooohh and aaaah from one body to the next.  I must admit some of them got really nice skin, smooth, perfect from every angle, no blemish, no acne scar, and many has a shimmering flecks of golds and silvers on their body.  Yes I won't lie, a few are quite gorgeous, no wonder men, and probably women too, want to covet them.

About a month ago, unannounced, he brought a white girl home.  I wasn't surprise.  Because I know him so I think mentally I was already prepared for this day to come.  I glanced out the window so see what she looks like when he walks her to our house.  She's alright.  Kinda petite and ordinary.  Nothing about her stands out to me except for the charm she wore on her neck.  I bet he's already planning a shopping spree for her.  Mark my word.

That night while I wait for him to come to bed, because he told me he is, he never came.  It's not like him so I went and search all over our house.  No sign of him.  Intuition told me to look outside and there he is, sitting with her in the dark, in the shadow of our maple tree.  Then he got out, ran his hand on her body, checking for imperfection, scratches or marks I believe. He has a big smile on his face.  I got annoyed so I shut the blind.

In all the days followed all I hear is her name and what he brought or planning to buy for her.  I wanted to run out and scratch all over her face just to shut him up.  I don't care if he's spending our money, just stop talking about her already !!!

Rain or shine, cold or warm, he would bathe her or spray her down after a ride.  Every Saturday they would go out for coffee together.  On nice day he would take her out for a ride even though they got no where to go.  Just like that, they would flirt in and out of our drive way, embracing each other in the hot sun or the pouring rain, while our daughter and I look on them from our window upstairs.  I should be upset but I'm not. Mercedes, her name, makes him happy and as one who loves him deeply, want him to be happy, I decided to let him be with her.  We just have to learn to share him.  She knows though, that I get to call all the shot so if she's misbehaving, she'll be taken to the dealer.