White by nature

Why is it that everyone assumed because I'm pale I want to get a tan ? or should get a tan ? Does it ever occur to people that I actually don't care ? yeah, I like myself pasty white ! *insert audible gasp here* you can't believe it I know !!! and fyi, the correct word is FAIR skin. Haven't you heard ? Tanning is no longer in, it's so out with the recent rising cases of skin cancer. If you want to fake it or out baking your skin golden please go right ahead just please don't judge my skin. I know I'm pale, don't have to remind me. It's ok. I'm OK with it. Don't feel bad for me. I'm not unhappy that I'm fair. Much like you're not sad that you're not as pretty as *insert name whom you think is gorgeous here*. Also, thought I let you know that my health is in top shape despite my whiteness.

So, you are now thinking, "why does she like being fair ? so unhealthy looking", again, I'm healthy and are you that ignorant that you can't accept there are FAIR skin people in this world and that we're happy with it ? We are who we are ! No I'm not one of those vampirer asian that wears visor and gloves on sunny days to avoid being touched by sunlight. I'm a sun worshipper through and through. And no I don't believe in being white is royalty either (according many older generation vietnamese who believes white skin is high class and tanned is lower social class). I am fair because my mama is fair. God made us this way.  Our skin color is perfect fine.

Contrary to the impression my skin is giving out, sun deficiency, I love sunlight and do get out soaking it whenever it decides to make an appearance on the west coast.  My skin just don't TAN.  It's really hard for it to get that toasty brown tint of color. And I don't want to force it either you know, spending hours and hours to age my skin, make it leathery, cover it with sun spots and risk getting cancer. I care about my wellbeing, inside and out more than looking good temporary to whoever that set the standard that dark meat is better than white. I have bigger fish to fry than worrying about trivial thing like changing my skin color. When it's bright out I know I'm glowing white but that's just the way it is friends. I am what I am, winter, spring, summer and fall, as white as casper. Right now, for the first time in a long time, my skin is nice, not flawless, but nice enough that I can leave it bare and I want to keep it like this. Can't you, please for the sake of humanity, just leave my skin alone ? If my whiteness blinds you, turn away ! I do this to ignorant people all the time !!!