Buy what we don't need with money we don't have

'We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like"

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read this !  It rang so true for me - except for the money part because I don't have the gut to go into debt buying THINGS !!!  If I don't have a family and a mortgage, YES YES YES I would spend every dollar I make and will have outstanding balances on all of my credit cards. 

So what's up with that ?  the need to obtain fancy things that are overpriced to show off to people we don't know or care for ?  as shopaholic on the way to recovering  :)  I can tell you - IMAGE my friend, it's all about the IMAGE !  WHY ?  because many of us are insecure, have low self esteem, and we want people to envy us, we want to be above the norm (to make us feel better) ! it's the "elite" group we're aiming to have a membership with.  And for many of us girls, it's about the bag we carry on our arm.  We want to throw out designer names like we have them our whole lives.  When we get together with other girls we want to talk about Louis or Dolce, and some other names we barely can pronounced.   Sure our clothes can be off the sales rack but our handbag shall  not.  We're living for the NOW, isn't life about seize the moment ? And for some of us, that moment is about looking good right now and ... pay later !

Many of us female are ROMANTIC SHOPPER, meaning we care more about emotional satisfaction and appeal .  And luxury handbag gives us that "warm fuzzy special feeling" when other girls to stare at our bag and envy how nice it sit on the crook of our arm or over our shoulder.  Simply put, girls want to look good for other girls.   There's that natural competitiveness in all women, many of us do it subconsciously while there are those who set out to conquer, to get all the attentions.  It seems like many of us are suffering with the case of not-measuring-up and not-good enough.  BUT to who ?  and to what standards ?  MTV ?  Gossip Girls ???  what ???????????? 

The Transunion websited stated that the average Canadian debt  is around $26 000 per person !  TWENTY SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS sans mortgage.  That is a scary number don't you agreed ?  Sure freaks me out.  I just hope those people has job to pay it back or else they will have to go on income assistant and before we know it, our taxes will be increased to help them !

Owning designer items in itself is not a bad thing.  I do appreciate the quality and craftmanship of them.  I think it's the intention of acquiring it is something you should concern yourself with.  If you don't have the discretionary income, it doesn't make sense at all to go into debt for the "bling", no matter how nice it is or how good it makes you feel !  It's not smart to take out your saving or working longer hours (sacrifice time to rest, time for family/friends) for them.  You need to dig down deep to see what the issue is.  What are you buying to covering up ?  insecurity ?  emptiness ?  lack of confident ?  anger ?  the need to feel important ?  need to be in the "in" crowd ?  At the end of the day, we're responsible for our action, and in this case, we are the one paying the bill !

Say, if you do have money to blow, share the wealth !  there are many who are less fortunate that just hope to have have full stomach at the end of each day.  When you're blessed with money it's meant for you to help others.  Blessings are meant to flow so pass it on !