To my husband on Father's day

Dear love,

I remember seeing your face when our baby was born.  You were so proud and amazed when you saw her.  I know how you feel, we were the luckiest people in the world to be parents to this precious girl.  While I was in and out of sleep from exhausion after giving birth, thank you for tending to Kaila, holding her, changing her, comforting her and checking on her when she's asleep.  I know you didn't sleep at all and finally after days of not sleep, your body can't handle it no more and have to get some eyes shut.  I know you weren't really sleeping because you would ask me every so often with restless voice "how's Kaila?"

I love seeing you hug and kiss her before heading off the work or when you first come home, all the while she's wiggling out of your embrace (your facial hair tickles her).  You have a great gift at entertaining her !  your singing, rapping (we both agreed it's not your strongest gift :-) and your made-up story endings !  I know our time with her are precious.  I agreed that it sucks doing errands on weeknight.  Everytime you have to do it, I can hear your footsteps rushing up the stairs, hoping she's not asleep so you can spend some time with her.  Sorry, I can't keep her awake a bit longer !  you know how much she likes her beauty sleep. 

You know, one of my most favourite time of the week is Saturday morning. When you and Kaila play away on the piano.  Then somewhere after a few songs she would slide off your lap and goes to the guitar, running her fingers through the strings.  She inherited that from you, pretty soon she would want to play all sorts of instruments.  I pray she's like you not just in her love for music but I hope she will have your confident, your strength, your jack of all trades abilities from fixing up the house to cars to planting a garden to sew the button on your shirt, and most of all, I hope she will look up to you and have the same uncompromised faith in the Lord.  I'm so thankful for you ! 

On this special day, on behalf of Kaila, thank you for being such a wondeful father to her.  I'm very proud to be your wifey !