Sweetest thing

The weather is still very cool for June.  This time last year I was out at the beach BBQing and tanning, soaking in a lot of sun.  It's rare to see those golden ray of lights nowaday.  My collection of cardis have seen daylight time than ever before. 

Collin called at lunch to talk.  I realized we talked almost everyday during lunch since we got first job, over 10 years ago.  Our conversation is pretty much the same everyday but he calls everyday, whether I was home or at work.  Today I was a bit busy when he called so I was half listening half working.  He told me about a small group meeting we had a while back, when Jeremy talked about relationships and said how we all, if we're honest with ourselves, have at least once give thought about what it's like to be with someone else.  I told Collin "yup, everyone does" as I respond to some work emails (I'm multitasking queen) and wait for him to tell me his "someone", Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, someone at Starbucks, etc.  Collin said to me "you know, I sat here trying to think about it and I never thought of wanting to be with anyone else.  It just never crossed my mind.  I was crazy about you in highschool and all I want to be is with you".  I didn't know what to say to him.  I got teary though.  I told him I'm sorry I had a crush on Gerald Butler's character on Dear Frankie and PS. I love you (not so much on 300).  We laughed about it then say our goodbyes.  After I hung up, I stop what I was doing to let it fully soak in what my husband just said to me.  He's pretty cool.