Is "s3xting" cheating ?

Really ?  do we really have to ask ?  emotional betrayal is just as bad as physical.  Anytime you're doing something you don't want your spouse to know about is cheating !!!

As I watch the news about the scandalous s3xting and tweeting of congressman Anthony Weiner, I can only shake my head, another politician dabbing into extramarital affair.  Being a man in his position, I assume he educated and smart, which makes me wonder - being a public figure - what makes he think that this secret will never come out ???  especially over social media sites ????  What's wrong with him ?  this is the stupidest thing he can do to jepordize his marriage and his career.  And the fact that he didn't owe up to it - despite proof of pictures and list of messages - tarnishes his image even more.  It shows his characters. 

So I heard, apparently there are lots of people having affair on facebook !  Technology, being accessible at the tip of our finger, makes it easy to have virtual affair.  I guess being anonymous, hiding behind a screen name, and the excitement of doing it in secret > thrill people to be unfaithful to their spouse/boyfriend/girldfriend.  And what surprised me is some people argue that it's ok because it virtual, it's not "real" !!!!  who are you kidding ?  That is so sad.  What skew values and morals these people have.  Anytime you connect to a person romantically other than your spouse - online or in real life - constitute as cheating.  Online is emotional cheating !  If it's not cheating why wouldn't you show your partner the messages and images you sent out ? 

I took this from an online news "Technology can tap our deepest emotions, including sexual passion, even when our consciences dictate that we should resist. It is like virtual cocaine or Ecstasy—two recreational drugs that artificially lower the inhibitions of many users."  We are the only one who has control over our thoughts and actions.  If what you're about to do hurt your loved one, turn away.  By confronting the issues, bring them out to light, you have gained yourself self-respect while protecting your treasured relationship.