Great Expectation

Our church small group is on chapter 13 of the book Revelation.  Contrary to what is known to many, Revelation is not about predicting what's to come but rather an unveiling of many things that already happened. 

Revelation reveals that we're always living in an end time - to me I always think that anyways because we never know when our last day is, yeah, unfortunately, unless we decide take our own lives which I do not recommend :D  So what's the Great Expectation ?  His return and that's all because everything else happened already !!!  There's no clue, no calendar to check.  Just stay faithful and live the life you're called to live.

Tonight, after our many many off topic discussions and laughers, we managed to fit in some solid bible study.  Rather than us just sitting there and listen to what he has to say, Jeremy would throw out questions, getting all of us involve in examining the passage !  I found this to really help motivate us - whom are like eager surgeons - carefully disecting the verse in all possible ways, exploring every nooks and cranies, sharing our findings on what we think the writer is saying.  I especially like this chapter because I've always been curious about the End Time stuff.  What's up with all the Seals, the Lion, the Witnesses, the Dragon, who's the woman ?  what's with the crowns ???  Revelation once was a difficult book to read but not anymore !!!  We would go through each verse line by line, digging deep to look for metraphor or juxtaposition, search for previous references of it in other books (of course our pastor did the load of the work for us !) and all the while going ooohs and aaahhhs because our "eyes" are unveiled to something new.

Somewhere in the mid of the chapter, Kaila rubbed her eyes, her cue to let me know that she's sleepy. I took her to bed and while rocking her, I ache to be out there were the laughter and animated voices are.  I want to hear what the verse is referring to, what does it mean, what are they laughing about, what I'm missing out.  Any why isn't Kaila asleep ?  she's an easy sleeper who's usually out within 2 min..  I ran my fingers across the forehead and down her nose to make her sleepy.  She would close her eyes then open them wide again when I stop.  After a few times it dawned to me that my zealous heart is beating so fast it's keeping her up.  I smile and calm myself down, breathe and exhale slowly.  And next thing I know, she's out like a rock !

I really enjoy small group.  I learn so much from it and it's a great place to connect with other fellow church goers.  If you want to learn and dig deep into the bible, I highly recommend you to check out a small/cell group.