Case of the missing socks

I have many many mismatched pairs of socks.   I often ponder where the sock's other partner go ?  My house isn't so big and I have a clean-freak husband who turns the house upside down every 2 weeks for a throrough cleaning.  And never ever have I find the other matching sock.  Where are they hiding ?  I take them off when I get ready for bed so it can only be MIA between my bedroom, the washroom and the laundry room.  Everytime I unload laundry from the dryer I find at least 1 single sock, laying sadly all by itself at the bottom of the basket.  It's such a mystery and I'm sure I'm not the only one questioning their disappearance.

I google up "where do missing socks go" and the first reasult highlighted my question and added this "...Once you find out the truth you can never go back" < That my friend, freaks the heck out of me.  What can't I go back to ?  wearing socks ?  I was terrified by it so I skipped onto a better search result.  And well, after many reads, it seems there's no such answer for the case of the missing socks.  We my friend, will be always be on the hunt for them !  I shall make it my mission to find my rose printed sock tonight.  And tomorrow the rainbow one, then the polka by one, I will hunt it down !