how to hide your facebook like and comment on fan page and group page

You just posted a comment and within seconds, everyone on your friend list and friends of friends and of friends all know what you posted !!!  You frantically try to delete it on your profile BUT it's still on the newsfeed.  You remove it from the fan page BUT it's still on the newsfeed !!!  If newsfeed was a person you would be strangling it back and forth, yelling, REMOVE REMOVE my comment post NOW !

Facebook newsfeed doesn't waste any chance it has to public your "comment" ! 

We all have a guilty pleasure that well, we don't want everyone to know. Were it be a movie star or a book or a show that you like to be a fan of, there's no need for the ever-quick-to-announce facebook newsfeed to broadcast everything !!! I've tinkled around with it and finally found something that works > at least FOR ME & for now ! I tested it and my LIKE and comment weren't published on my newsfeed !!! YAY ! Let's hope FB doesn't go changing on us again.

Here's how to do it after you log in:

1. Click on Account on your FB page

2. Go down to Privacy Settings and click on it

3. On the screen like the one below, click on View Settings

4.  On the View Settings page, scroll to the bottom and locate the See your likes, activities and other settings:

5.  Click on the little LOCK image to change the setting (in the above picture mine is set at Only Me, but yours is probably at Everyone or Friends Only)

6.  Scroll down to and click on Custom - Edit

7.  Click on the toolbar next to These people and select Only Me

THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT !  BEFORE YOU GO ON A COMMENT-POSTING SPREE, TRY IT OUT ON A SAFE PAGE FIRST !  Why ?  because your other settings might cause this not to work.  I can't pin point it down to what but if it doens't work for you, leave me a comment below and I'll see if I can help.

Let me know if it works or not for you ok !