Thanksgiving: a time to give thanks and be giving

It's that time of the year again.  A time to give thanks, to be greatful to what we have and have not.  I think it's nice that we have a date set out each year to REMIND us to be thankful !  Sometime we forget how fortunate we are just to have food on table and shelter.  I can put my hand up on this one.  I found myself on the "I wish I can have that" side more often than "I'm thankful for what I already have". I keep trying though.  Yes we have control over our thoughts and can change our way of thinking.  Isn't it amazing ???  I make it a habit to count my blessing every night after putting Kaila into bed.  And I end my day thanking God that everyone I love and know is safe and sound in their bed.  That in itself is the greatest blessing of all don't you think ?  having everyone all your loved ones safe. 

Now that I'm a mom, my way of thinking changed a lot.  I become more thankful of the little things.  I'm thankful for the person who came up with the idea "we should have hot water access in every home" !  Back in my country, Vietnam, I remember we have to boil water first thing in the morning and everyone get a small cup to use for brushing and washing.  Having water is a luxury as it's very scarce.  Not like here, we can use as much as we want, and even wasted some with out as much as a thought.  I believe everything on this earth are limited resources !  and that we should take care of them, use them but be considerate and make sure they are still around for future generation.  So please converse water when you can :-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please make a food or monetary donation to you local food bank if you can.  Union Gospel Mission and Salvation Army are 2 organizers I know that host the thanksgiving dinner for the less fortunate around town.