Falling for boots

I'm so happy to see all the boots displaying in stores' windows. Gone are the days where one have to go searching for boots around the city > Me ! I remembered it clearly, it was the year 2000 and I got my first pair of tall boots. Back then the highest they go are around the calf, anything higher perhaps were deemed "hookerish" so it was impossible to find a knee high boots. For me to find one then in leather, not shiny, was a rarity. Then the year after, boots were slowly popping up here and there. I couldn't contain my excitement and stocked up on them, fearing they might go out of style and disappear for another decade.

Lucky for me, boots was still in the year after.  More styles are now available: dressy, casual, rugged, sporty, rain wear. My fear of them disappearing diminished a little ! However, I then faced with another dilemma > I like to wear them with pants but flares were in and it was impossible for find tight jeans! Back in those days, I would fold my flare jeans as tight as I can, pull my socks over them to keep them in place then slip on my boots ! I vaguely remember the strange look people gave me then, because boots then were meant to wear with skirt not pants. And as if someone read my mind, 5 years after, legging and skinny jeans slowly creeps into stores and I was a happy lobster ! My wish were fulfilled ! Now whenever I see people wearing tights or jeans with boots I would smile inside, happy that I was one of the early wearer such style. I hope and pray that boots will stick around for a long time. Don't get me wrong, even if they're out style I would still wear them. It's all that I owned besides sandals. My reason for wanting them to stick around is so I can purchase more :D One can never have too many boots !

Here is what is hot this fall season, thigh high boots !  I know I know, but before you say "stripper boots", look at the pictures below, they're not anywhere near stripper boots !  it's what you wear with them will make or break a look.  Safest route is to avoid shiny leather in all colors, python or snake skin prints, and pay attention to the heels, thin spiky heels will easily make this well, stripper-ish :D

The above are from Browns. One of my favorite shoes store, also very expensive (average price is $300) so I usually wait for their sale. You can get similar styles at a more affordable price from Aldo Shoes (between $100 & $200). Payless has a cute one too, for $59.99 and the brand is Dexter.