Benefit of opening a Mailbox in the States

Recently I received a package I ordered from the states and upon receiving it, I have to pay $24 in Brokerage Fee and $1.35 in duties ! I was so BITTER ! I can't believe how much brokerage cost. I remembered my brother in law has a mailbox in Blaine Washington and he told me how good it is and how much it's saving him. I decided to try it out > 1. because I hate that UPS brokers fee are outrageously high 2. shipping WAS NOT faster even though I paid for express shipping 3. the total cost doubled by shipping the item directly to me ! it simply makes so sense at all.

Here are the benefits of having a secure mail box in the States (if you're lucky enough like me, to live within driving distance to the border) and IF you purchase a lot of stuff from the US (my suppliers are mostly there):

- saving on brokerage fee, a BIG PLUS
- saving on shipping fee, majority of the time, most companies in the US offer free shipping in US
- faster delivery time !

WHAT about DUTIES ? what about it ? if you're lucky, they let you go without making you pay for it, if not, pay it ! you saves so much already on the brokerage and shipping fee !

I have good experience with this company:

Security Mail Services

I'm not endorsing them, just sharing my good experience so far !!! If you and your friends shop online a lot, get them to chip in on the monthly cost and you all will benefit on it.


As for deals this weekend:

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