how to hide your facebook like and comment on fan page and group page

You just posted a comment and within seconds, everyone on your friend list and friends of friends and of friends all know what you posted !!!  You frantically try to delete it on your profile BUT it's still on the newsfeed.  You remove it from the fan page BUT it's still on the newsfeed !!!  If newsfeed was a person you would be strangling it back and forth, yelling, REMOVE REMOVE my comment post NOW !

Facebook newsfeed doesn't waste any chance it has to public your "comment" ! 

We all have a guilty pleasure that well, we don't want everyone to know. Were it be a movie star or a book or a show that you like to be a fan of, there's no need for the ever-quick-to-announce facebook newsfeed to broadcast everything !!! I've tinkled around with it and finally found something that works > at least FOR ME & for now ! I tested it and my LIKE and comment weren't published on my newsfeed !!! YAY ! Let's hope FB doesn't go changing on us again.

Here's how to do it after you log in:

1. Click on Account on your FB page

2. Go down to Privacy Settings and click on it

3. On the screen like the one below, click on View Settings

4.  On the View Settings page, scroll to the bottom and locate the See your likes, activities and other settings:

5.  Click on the little LOCK image to change the setting (in the above picture mine is set at Only Me, but yours is probably at Everyone or Friends Only)

6.  Scroll down to and click on Custom - Edit

7.  Click on the toolbar next to These people and select Only Me

THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT !  BEFORE YOU GO ON A COMMENT-POSTING SPREE, TRY IT OUT ON A SAFE PAGE FIRST !  Why ?  because your other settings might cause this not to work.  I can't pin point it down to what but if it doens't work for you, leave me a comment below and I'll see if I can help.

Let me know if it works or not for you ok !

Falling for boots

I'm so happy to see all the boots displaying in stores' windows. Gone are the days where one have to go searching for boots around the city > Me ! I remembered it clearly, it was the year 2000 and I got my first pair of tall boots. Back then the highest they go are around the calf, anything higher perhaps were deemed "hookerish" so it was impossible to find a knee high boots. For me to find one then in leather, not shiny, was a rarity. Then the year after, boots were slowly popping up here and there. I couldn't contain my excitement and stocked up on them, fearing they might go out of style and disappear for another decade.

Lucky for me, boots was still in the year after.  More styles are now available: dressy, casual, rugged, sporty, rain wear. My fear of them disappearing diminished a little ! However, I then faced with another dilemma > I like to wear them with pants but flares were in and it was impossible for find tight jeans! Back in those days, I would fold my flare jeans as tight as I can, pull my socks over them to keep them in place then slip on my boots ! I vaguely remember the strange look people gave me then, because boots then were meant to wear with skirt not pants. And as if someone read my mind, 5 years after, legging and skinny jeans slowly creeps into stores and I was a happy lobster ! My wish were fulfilled ! Now whenever I see people wearing tights or jeans with boots I would smile inside, happy that I was one of the early wearer such style. I hope and pray that boots will stick around for a long time. Don't get me wrong, even if they're out style I would still wear them. It's all that I owned besides sandals. My reason for wanting them to stick around is so I can purchase more :D One can never have too many boots !

Here is what is hot this fall season, thigh high boots !  I know I know, but before you say "stripper boots", look at the pictures below, they're not anywhere near stripper boots !  it's what you wear with them will make or break a look.  Safest route is to avoid shiny leather in all colors, python or snake skin prints, and pay attention to the heels, thin spiky heels will easily make this well, stripper-ish :D

The above are from Browns. One of my favorite shoes store, also very expensive (average price is $300) so I usually wait for their sale. You can get similar styles at a more affordable price from Aldo Shoes (between $100 & $200). Payless has a cute one too, for $59.99 and the brand is Dexter.

Benefit of opening a Mailbox in the States

Recently I received a package I ordered from the states and upon receiving it, I have to pay $24 in Brokerage Fee and $1.35 in duties ! I was so BITTER ! I can't believe how much brokerage cost. I remembered my brother in law has a mailbox in Blaine Washington and he told me how good it is and how much it's saving him. I decided to try it out > 1. because I hate that UPS brokers fee are outrageously high 2. shipping WAS NOT faster even though I paid for express shipping 3. the total cost doubled by shipping the item directly to me ! it simply makes so sense at all.

Here are the benefits of having a secure mail box in the States (if you're lucky enough like me, to live within driving distance to the border) and IF you purchase a lot of stuff from the US (my suppliers are mostly there):

- saving on brokerage fee, a BIG PLUS
- saving on shipping fee, majority of the time, most companies in the US offer free shipping in US
- faster delivery time !

WHAT about DUTIES ? what about it ? if you're lucky, they let you go without making you pay for it, if not, pay it ! you saves so much already on the brokerage and shipping fee !

I have good experience with this company:

Security Mail Services

I'm not endorsing them, just sharing my good experience so far !!! If you and your friends shop online a lot, get them to chip in on the monthly cost and you all will benefit on it.


As for deals this weekend:

- Gap has 40% off everything Sat. only
- Old Navy has 50% off all their Clearance Items ! I've gotten many clothes here during this sale and they work out to be like $2 or $3 a piece !!!

Cooking for baby

It's raining once again. Weather forecast is simply what it is, a forecast ! I should know to always have a plan B ! and my plan B for today is to stay at home :-)

Today I will be making another batch of food for Kaila. I remember when I first started cooking for her, I got so many advices from friends, relatives, and strangers on how I should cook Kaila's food ! But they go in one side and out the other ! As a first time mom, I like to follow the book, or in my case, new mom's website ! I followed the instructions carefully but after 2 weeks I give up. It was asking me introduce Kaila to individual food each week ! to me that's crazzzzzzzzy talk ! I know they want to single out food that she might be allergic to but man, do they know how many types of fruits, veggies, grains, roots are out there ?????? I decided to brave it and follow my heart, my head, my common sense, and make Kaila food the way I think is healthy and would like to eat - minus meat and seasoning off course !

I think anything that is in it's natural state is good for baby. No additives, no preservatives, no salt, sugar, etc. So fresh produce and whole grains are what I like to cook with. Here are some ingredients I used often: yam, squash, sweet potatoes, barley, spinach and carrot. I would cook them all in a turkey or chicken broth that I made in advance. When the roots are soft to the touch of a spoon, I use a hand blender to blend them all up, then let it boil for another 7 or 8 min. to soften them up some more. I noticed that if I put in lots of yam it will sweeten up the food and over power the other flavor ! which is a good thing.

I normally make her food in a med. sized pot then divide them up into those baby cubes and store them in the fridge. They lasted about 3 or 4 days. You don't want to keep them in there longer than that as they will lost their freshness.

Kaila loves eating them ! She eats them 3 times a day and licks her spoon when done. As for me, I feel less stress cooking for her ! I enjoy cooking more when I can do it without following instructions :-)

I suggest you make your own turkey or chicken broth because the store brough ones are loaded with salt and preservatives. It's really easy to make ! you can use turkey/chicken bones, breast or thighs with bone in. Wash then put them in a pot and filled with water. Bring to boil and then lower the heat to med. and let it simmer for about 1 hr. Let it cool then store in the fridge over night. Take it out the next day, remove the white hardened fats on top and you are left with clear tasty broth to cook with !

Thanksgiving: a time to give thanks and be giving

It's that time of the year again.  A time to give thanks, to be greatful to what we have and have not.  I think it's nice that we have a date set out each year to REMIND us to be thankful !  Sometime we forget how fortunate we are just to have food on table and shelter.  I can put my hand up on this one.  I found myself on the "I wish I can have that" side more often than "I'm thankful for what I already have". I keep trying though.  Yes we have control over our thoughts and can change our way of thinking.  Isn't it amazing ???  I make it a habit to count my blessing every night after putting Kaila into bed.  And I end my day thanking God that everyone I love and know is safe and sound in their bed.  That in itself is the greatest blessing of all don't you think ?  having everyone all your loved ones safe. 

Now that I'm a mom, my way of thinking changed a lot.  I become more thankful of the little things.  I'm thankful for the person who came up with the idea "we should have hot water access in every home" !  Back in my country, Vietnam, I remember we have to boil water first thing in the morning and everyone get a small cup to use for brushing and washing.  Having water is a luxury as it's very scarce.  Not like here, we can use as much as we want, and even wasted some with out as much as a thought.  I believe everything on this earth are limited resources !  and that we should take care of them, use them but be considerate and make sure they are still around for future generation.  So please converse water when you can :-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please make a food or monetary donation to you local food bank if you can.  Union Gospel Mission and Salvation Army are 2 organizers I know that host the thanksgiving dinner for the less fortunate around town.

Country Bumpkin & Pumpkin Patches

Today while selecting fabrics, I noticed I'm always drawn to floral prints. Especially the little tiny roses, the daisies, tulips, country side type of prints. There's a bit of that country girl in me that's for sure. I once ask my husband to go on vacation to a farm (preferably in Ireland but the good old South of the USA will do) and we can take long walks in golden fields, learn to ride the horses, let the southern wind blow through our hair ! milk cows and serve fresh milk for breakfast (out on the porch, with gingham table cloth and fresh field picked wild flowers in tall mug)! we can feed the chickens, collect the eggs ! there's so much to do on the farm !!!!! After I'm done telling him my envision of our trip, he looks at me strangely, then say, we don't have to go far for a farm ! he suggested he can drive about 2 hours out east, drop me off there and pick me up after a few days ! he also added that he hopes I get used to the farm smells, you know, from all the manure from the animals ! eeeekkkk !

So, why Ireland ? I love sheeps ! I would love to shepherd a herd of sheeps !!! just for a day or 2, to know what's it's like ! Imagine walking with them through a field full of blooming heathers ! just like in the movie P.S. I Love You ! ...Ok Ok I know I romanticize the life on the farm but taking all that lovey dovey parts away, I still think it would be fun.

Talking abour farms, PUMPKIN is on my mind ! Halloween is around the corner ! I'm planning on taking Kaila to a pumpkin patch. I don't know how much she knows at 6 months but I'm sure she would love to see all the big round orange pumpkins. She will surely licks them all too. Here are some patches that are worth a check around town:

#5: Aldor Acres – Farm animal displays, hayrides and u-pick pumpkins! Make sure to visit Peter The Great, Leonard the llama and the huge white oxen, Zorro and Zeldo.
#4: The Pumpkin Patch at Richmond Country Farms - For the young ... and young at heart! Hay rides, a corn maze, farm animals and Polly Pumpkin, Strawberry Shortcake and Korny Corn.
#3: Chilliwack Corn Maze - Great family fun including a kiddy bale maze, corn maze, corn (sand) box, pumpkin patch, animal viewing area and u-pick apples!
#2: North Arm Farm- This 60 acre working organic farm in Pemberton offers horse drawn wagon rides out to their Pumpkin Patch.
#1: Laity Pumpkin Patch - Choose from thousands of pumpkins and enjoy wonderful adventures in the farms wooded area. From riates and treasure to gnomes and fairies! Don't forget to visit the animals that live on the farm and make sure you don't get lost in the "cornfusing" trails of the corn maze!
And a bonus! (we couldn't pick just five!)
Applebarn Pumpkin Farm - There's lots to do a the Applebarn! Visit the glass beehive, watch fresh cider being made, pick your own apples, pick your own pumpkins, play on the giant jumping pillow, take a hayride or ride the bin train and visit Bunnytown at the Petting Barn.

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Welcome baby "Honeybee"

Welcome Honeybee !

March 23, 6 lb 7 ounces